Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Necklace & Nailpolish Swap*

Monday was a busy day for my mailbox, and this was the other package that was in there.

Tami @ Hearts & Roses was my partner for the 2nd time, and she definitely didn't disappoint!
I got:
  • 3 Shades of Nailpolish, which I love (I'm actually gonna do my nails & toes with the purple tonight)
  • A vintage wooden beaded flower necklace (ABSOLUTE FAVORITE)
  • A silver peace sign necklace on a chain
  • A book
  • A handmade paper flower dreamcatcher/windchime (I already have it hangin above my bed)

Tami is so sweet, she also sent a card letting me know that she threw in the extras for my graduation, which was sooo nice of her. =]
& again, thanks Katie for hosting the swap!

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~*Katie*~ said...

Happy Graduation!!!

Love all of it!!! She did good :)