Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Catch Up

My week has consisted entirely of:
MOVING, MOVING, MOVING. Packing, moving some more. LOTS of waiting... Organizing. Calling people, begging for donations (recieving many). Making lists. Making hula hoops. Calling more people. More waiting.

*Things are not going as planned with the move. We were originally supposed to be able to move Saturday. The carpet people were delayed, so it was moved to Monday (yesterday). When they still weren't done at 8PM -- we started moving our stuff into the rooms that were done. I don't care if it's rude, it's rude of them to take TWO WEEKS to floor and carpet a home that has SIX TOTAL rooms in it. It's pathetic. I just got a phonecall informing me that they aren't there yet, the rooms haven't been touched, and it's getting close to noon. I AM LIVID. Good thing we weren't like moving out of another place that we had to be out by October 1st, since that is when we were told to move in. I am so upset. We have been living out of boxes since FRIDAY.

*The event is going wonderfully! I am going to have a really good turn out, I think, and that's what matters. With all the spare time I've had from not moving, I've been putting into projects, organization of the event, and calling around for donations. I've had contact with all 3 local papers, and 2 of them have agreed to put an article in the paper, as well as send someone out for the event. It's 5 days away, and I couldn't be happier with the progress. I have a feeling it's gonna be pulled of wonderfully.

*In other great news, this morning, one of my oldest, best friends asked me to be her Maid of Honor. She asked me in the beginning (they got engaged over a year ago), but I declined because I didn't get along with the fiance. We have since learned to deal with each other, since we're both gonna be a big part of her life. I, of course, said yes, and am getting excited for their wedding, which is next June. I can't wait to help her aunt with the bridal shower and to plan the bachelorette party :) I love planning fun stuff. :) It makes me so happy because she is just one of those friends, the ones you can go months at a time without seeing, but as soon as you need someone to talk to, she's there -- instantly. And as soon as you see each other or get on the phone, it's like not a day has passed. I absolutely love our friendship. :)

*Aside from all that, there's been nothing going on in life. I probably won't have time to update again til after the event, so cross your fingers & wish we luck that the event goes GREAT on Sunday, GREAT enough that we can do it again. :)

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