Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 16*

16. blogging

So, unlike most of you, my blog is 100% secret from basically everyone in my life. Mostly because I bitch and complain about those people here, from time to time. lol.

But anyways, I'm thankful for blogging first of all because it gives me a huge outlet! I've been doing it for about 1.5 years now (I think), and it's definitely helped me with a lot of stuff that I was holding inside, but now I can just come here without anyone judging me, etc. It's nice.

Secondly, thankful for all of you ladies who I have become close with. It's not too often you find someone online, who you've never met, and instantly become friends. We all know the nitty gritty details of each other's lives, and still love each other! Another thing, I get (and send) more gifts to you guys than I do to my friends in the real world. And most of the time, I feel like my blog friends are more comforting when I'm having a problem. I know I'm not alone in this, actually just saw someone else post about it today!

Oh and by the way, you know that BIG giveaway I posted about yesterday?! Well today's my day, you can go win a collapsible hoop of your choice, so make sure you hit up Angie's blog and enter for your chance to win. Last I checked, the entries were kinda low, so you have a pretty good chance!

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