Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 19

19. Saturday Mornings

I dont know about you all, but Saturdays are my favorite morning!

We usually stay in bed as long as possible (aside from getting up to take the whining dog out into the cold to pee), and when we do get up, the first thing we (I) do is make breakfast. Since we usually just eat toast or cereal during the week, I always try to make something yummy on the weekends!

We then migrate to the living room, and are lazy. lol. I usually end up having to make a post office run, since I don't do many during the week, and then come home and resume my laziness.

If we have stuff to do, we usually don't start showering and whatnot until noon, and then resume with the rest of our lives. But the mornings are just glorious.

*Today we'll be doing the above, then shopping with J's sister and her husband. Possibly doing lunch too, then in the evening we will be putting plastic on our windows to keep warm (sounds luxurious, no?). And at night, going to see my cousin's band play with a bunch of our friends. Sounds like a perfect Saturday together!

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