Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Indian Summer

I have become a little obsessed with stones.
I wish I had such a beautiful variety but mostly all you can find/get around here are amethysts and some odd & end stones that aren't very beautiful.
I don't know much about their healing properties & don't know how much I believe in them, but I do feel a certain calm when I'm wearing my amethyst cluster.
Who knows?

Close up view of a stone.
Now how can you not call that beauty?

Indian Summer Tree of Life


It's beautiful out today... and I'm at work (of course) for another hour and 40 minutes. After work, I'm going to go clean my car out, then home to work on more jewelry. My sales have already helped a little bit, so I am looking forward to the rest of the month. Hopefully things go over well! lol.

J works the late shift AGAIN, but that's the only other late shift this week. I haven't minded staying up a little later lately and making dinner so that we can eat together at 10:30 when he gets home. Also Sunday night and last night I woke up around 1:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. So instead of laying in bed alone, we have been watching cartoons together and cuddling. It's nice.

If you've noticed, I haven't been talking much about friends lately on here. Basically because I feel like I have none... Well, I do have BFF, but she is always working and busy with her kid & husband, not that I can blame her. I wish we lived closer, 45 minute drive to see her just sucks and means we only hang out once a month. I've tried making new friends, but really there is NO ONE my age around here who isn't a junky or doesn't have kids. And for some reason because I don't have kids, people with kids don't wanna hang out. Neverending vicious cycle? I'm ready to start convincing J to pick a place to move, any place... and go. It's just like there's nothing much here to lose, and if we go somewhere else, maybe we could settle closer to a good music scene too.

Last but not least (or actually least) is anyone else sick of hearing about Kardashian shit 24/7? Okay, the bitch got married on TV, in a 2 part series & made millions off of it. He proposed on TV, after knowing each other barely at all... PUBLICITY! That is all!

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Miss Angie said...

I love stones too... I really believe they have some kind of quality to them, some kind of energy that resonates and helps how you feel...

They are beautiful.

I'm sorry you feel like you have no friends :( You're awesome, and they suck for not being around.

It's rainy and cold and will probably snow later today...